Who are you?

  • 19 December 2009

Do you know the most difficult question in the Universe? Well, have you ever ask someone who she or he is? I do not speak about the superficial information like name, appearance or accents. Who are you as a being? What is driving you? What is your set of rules you go by? What do you like, what do not like, what’s important to you? What’s your point of view and why? How did your experiences shape your opinions? What does it take to piss you off? Where are your limits? Do you believe in tea pots or gods?

A being is mightily complex. Any simple answer to the question „Who are you?” is a lie at worst or the start of a very, very long story at best. There is no easy way of getting to know someone. It takes months, years and often a whole lifetime. And you need more than words. You also need deeds and observation and patience. Not everyone speaks through the mouth. Some express themselves in countless of other ways. That means that the question can even be answered by not talking at all, too.

I was wrong. „Who are you?” is a lot easier to answer than „Who were you?”. If you cannot ask anymore, then it gets really hard. Archaeology and forensics can never replace the language of the living. So you use it while you can.

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