Twitter unveils Reality API for Foreign Governments

  • 27 January 2012

Twitter has added a new feature to its short messaging service. It will now be possible to feed criteria for banned content to Twitter’s servers in order to block undesirable content more quickly and easily. The reason behind this move is explained in yesterday’s blog article „Tweets still must flow“. Foreign governments can now send a set of rules to Twitter. These rules will help to establish a firm grip over the official reality and to conveniently block all dissent and deviation. The rules can be updated in real-time by the new Dictatorship API. All regimes (no matter if democratic, autocratic, theocratic, military or outright insane) can access this API by keys issued through Twitter’s support. An anonymous developer was quoted in an interview with the following statements:

Times are changing. Even Western governments slowly adopt the idea of state-sponsored reality, once a domain of the Soviet bloc and dictatorships. The Internet’s flow of unrestricted opinion must be regulated, and this is why we thought of offering this API to governments around the globe. You can’t have one Twitter for everybody. We need a different Twitterverse for every country, otherwise people will talk and governments will fall apart. Free speech is against Nature’s order.

The censorship arrives just in time for the election campaign in the US. Republicans rejoiced as soon as they heard the news. They suggested to offer packages for political parties in order to re-wire the minds of the voters. Given enough money Twitter might even apply rules to completely filter out the Tweets of the opposition (or government) party. This tools allows every candidate to focus on the agenda undisturbed by facts.

The future is here, and Twitter has a future for all of us – a different one of course.

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