• 2 May 2013

Yours truly has been without Internet recently. It’s amazing what a period of having crappy Internet connections can do to a mind. While tweets even fit through the smallest pipe most other content wasn’t accessible. This is actually a good thing. It clears some of the thoughts that clog your brain throughout the busy days with lots of routine, interruptions and information.

There are three things I do when being away. I have a look around. When being in your day job or at home there’s not much time for simply looking at something. You always have to be somewhere on time. No glimpsing, no observing, lots and lots of getting from A to B and not wasting time. Shame. Then there is writing. Writing something for the sake of spilling words is great. Just putting words on a page. No goal, no agenda, no thoughts of your audience in mind. Fun. And then there is photography. Just take the camera, walk around, have a hard look at what you can see, find a good spot and take a picture. Go where few people would go. Use angles few people would use. Rediscover the world.

We all should do this more often.

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