The Joy of Automatic Publishing

  • 3 July 2009

A lot of web sites and news channels run through automatic publishing tools that tweak the content or the layout, insert advertising and do all kinds of stuff. I am a regular The Register® reader and enjoy their RSS feed during lunch breaks. Now look at this:

‘Good news for net users A federal judge on Thursday tentatively overturned convictions against a mother accused of using MySpace to bully a 13-year-old girl who went on to hang herself to death.…The power of collaboration within unified communications ‘

The last sentence after the “…” was inserted as advertising. The original article has a link there. It seems the power of collaboration within unified communications is capable of creating a lot of problems – provided you remove the tiny little dots in between. Couple this with the fact that most modern readers are unable to break the mental Twitter barrier of 140 characters when reading text. Communication 2.0 is really asking for trouble.

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