The Filter Coffee Misunderstanding

  • 4 July 2012

We have to talk. We have to talk about coffee. Firstly because it’s not in the tag cloud yet, and secondly because I really like filter coffee. There you go, a blog posting about bad coffee’s coming up. No, it isn’t.

Usually in articles like these the second paragraph is reserved for some historical context. Since we got the introduction somewhat right, here’s the history (the conclusion will be in the next-to-last paragraph while the last paragraph is reserved for a witty pun such as “Or is it?” or similar). I grew up with this stuff. This is a good excuse. It doesn’t make the coffee better and it doesn’t excuse pouring hot water over crushed plant stuff (real coffee beans are optional given the taste of some cups I had). However once you use really good coffee material, ditch the milk and the sugar, you’ll really get something special. A big cup of filter coffee beats the crap out of any espresso or fancy café au bullshit any time. Filter coffee stays longer hot. This means you can drink it over a longer period of time. Yesterday I had a cup I could carry for over half an hour before taking bigger sips. You’ll experience the coffee through a wide variety of temperatures. The really good stuff can even be drunk cold. Try that with your stupid espresso!

So there’s the conclusion. Filter coffee rocks (even in German where it’s called Filterkaffee, easily recognisable). Throw away all the other coffee creations. End of discussion.

And here’s your witty pun: Go and get some!

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