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  • Posted on March 20, 2013 at 8:25 pm

There is nothing to see here. This blog is pretty much focusing on words. Some articles feature a photograph, but usually I don’t publish any pictures here. This will stay the same. There’s one change though. I have decided to publish a part of my collection of photographs on the Internet. I omitted lengthy descriptions and just added the bare bones. The location is shown in the sets, sometimes you can figure out the time, but I haven’t added much yet. I doubt that I will go into more detail at the picture hosting site. If you want to know more about specific images, please tell me here or on Twitter.

Since the photographs were taken over the course of several years you will notice some changes. I started to work with digital cameras over ten years ago. Two different models were used, and I refined my skills dealing with the output of the imaging devices. A lot of photographs were computed by the cameras themselves. Recently I switched to using the raw image format and post-processing it with Rawstudio (no, I don’t use much proprietary software, thanks). The software has a lens library containing the lenses I use. It does pretty much what I need, also photographing in raw mode decreases the number of shots – which is a good thing. It’s not the storage, it’s the amount of time you spend post-processing the data you created.

I don’t like to photograph people, so the galleries do not contain portraits. The only exception are the concert images. You really need a band on stage for concerts, can’t be helped. I don’t do much concerts though. It would be nice to see a colour histogram over all sets to see if there is a bias. There probably is, but see for yourself.

Back from Paris

  • Posted on March 18, 2010 at 6:51 pm
Go Green advertisement in a sex shop in Paris, France.

Go Green!

Yours truly has been to Paris. It was quite a safari, believe me. The Lynx and the Lioness took hundreds of photographs (including the Go Green! gem show in this post; it was found in a very cosy sex shop) and walked lots of kilometres. The weather ranged from mediocre to sunny. The coffee ranged from non-existent to quite fine (they do have floating Starbucks coffee shops there, that appear and disappear at random). The mood of the natives ranged from «Je parle d’Anglais aussi.» up to «Let’s switch to English, because your French sucks.». The photo collection will be online soon is now online. I don’t know yet how to convert the images (not technically, it’s merely how to select them and which ones and so on).

P.S.: The placing of inline images in postings sucks big time.