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A View into the Netherworld

  • Posted on July 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Are you into astrology? Do you feel these special vibes when walking on sacred ground? What does darkness mean for you? Or do you prefer (sun)light? Do you always know where East is? Do you pray? You don’t need to answer these questions. I won’t either, because I do not care. Your core set of rules and beliefs are your own. It should be a private matter, which means that its yours and you don’t need to demand that others share the exact same beliefs with you. There’s a good chance most people you meet won’t anyway. I respect your beliefs if you respect mine and if you don’t try to convince me to convert to a different belief system. I don’t buy goods at the door or by telephone, so why would I want to buy gods?

Wherever your mind goes, there will be ghosts, gods, souls, mysteries, dæmons, fantastic stories, truths, dreams, lies and everything else you take with you. It’s very easy to contaminate your environment and see things you brought with you. Sprinkled with some emotions and the correct words (some might even says prayers or spells, depending on your beliefs) others can use this to their advantage. In turn this is either to your advantage, too, or something completely different. Regardless of what it is, it’s always tricks of the mind. Your benefit or disadvantage depends entirely on the persons sharing your belief system with you (call them priests, friends, soul mates, members of the church or whatever you want). That’s the human component, and this component creates or destroys communities.

So don’t lose your mind about beliefs. That’s not how things work.