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Numerical Cat

  • Posted on April 2, 2010 at 3:45 pm
Our cat Lucky sitting on the book of the Third Edition of the "Numerical Recipes".

Numerical cat.

I am currently coding a little client/server tool that reports log incidents via encrypted e-mail to a master server. After a night of wading through code and implementing the RSA/AES encryption and decryption I woke up, saw our cat on the bed and wondered if cats also master the art of encryption. I was too tired to break this thought, so I asked myself for minutes „Are cats capable of handling RSA and if so what’s the maximum key size they can manage?”. Lucky wasn’t impressed. She wanted food.

Today she took advantage of the Numerical Recipes book lying on the table. Usually she lies on the floor, doing her daily sunbath. Not this time; as you can see from the image she is pondering a very difficult numerical problem. Feel free to add the standard LOLCAT text. I have the picture in bigger resolutions, too.