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Where is Sunshine Computing?

  • Posted on June 16, 2010 at 1:43 pm

It’s raining in Vienna. I don’t mind. I like rain. I like the temperatures even more. Nothing beats sitting in the office in a t-shirt and enjoying the 16°C. This is paradise. Unfortunately I am moving a web site from server $OLD to server $NEW. The web space consists of about 17 GiB (or 14 GiB compressed). This isn’t much, especially in times of overpowered hardware and the allmighty Internet. The servers are cloud based and moving data can be done in nanoseconds, just by wishing it into existence.

And then you woke up.

My attempts to move the data over SSH/tar/rsync have failed, because server $OLD uses a special setup with proxies that slow down some data transmissions (don’t ask). So now I transfer the most recent encrypted backup from the backup server via HTTPS to server $NEW. Backup server and server $NEW are well-connected, co-located stuff, cloudy and such. The download software says that it still needs about 90 minutes using a changing rate of 1 to 4 MiB/s. This is next to instantaneous. Considering the fact that most consumer-grade Internet access lines have a low upstream (hey, you’re supposed to consume, not create!) and cloudy companies want you and your data separated as much as possible, the outlook from here is just fine. Just adding ‘i’s in front of every word isn’t going to cut it. Too bad.

If cloud computing is the future, you better start relying on local arks with Gigabit Ethernet!