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Schneemann gefunden!

  • Posted on June 3, 2010 at 7:01 pm

Ich habe schon seit über 5 Jahren alle meine Workstations und Server per Default auf UTF-8 konfiguriert. Meine kompletten Desktops verwenden UTF-8 in der Ein- und Ausgabe. Trotzdem habe ich bis heute den Schneemann verpaßt:

lynx@nightfall:~/ unicode ☃
UTF-8: e2 98 83 UTF-16BE: 2603 Decimal: ☃

Category: So (Symbol, Other)
Bidi: ON (Other Neutrals)

Klar sind es zuviele Zeichen, um alle zu kennen, aber jetzt steht Herden von Schneemännern nichts mehr im Weg. ☺

The devil is in the details.

  • Posted on February 24, 2009 at 1:08 pm

Yes, that’s how it is. I already mentioned the email interface to this blog. It basically works. The postings are imported into the blog software. The problem is that my email client usually wraps lines that are longer than 77 characters. The blog software interprets the wrap as a carriage return. This means that I have to disable wrapping in order to have a free flowing paragraph in the blog. Looks awful, but works. Never mind, it’s just a minor detail.

Text encoding is a passion of mine. I like properly encoded text. When programming I pay attention to text conversion and using a consistent encoding across all parts of my code. Whenever I use special characters outside the US ASCII domain in the subjects of my blog emails, these special characters lead to a premature end of the title. Why is that? Due to the legacy of email standards no part of the email header may contain a character with it’s 8th bit set. Email clients mark specially encoded strings by adding the encoding used and some escape characters (this looks a bit like this: „=?iso-8859-15?Q?KERZENST=C4NDER?=”). Should be no problem, but apparently it is. Never mind, it’s just a minor detail.

The movie „Ghost Dog” springs to my mind. Let me show you why by using a quote from the dialogues (or monologues).

Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige’s wall, there was this one: “Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” Master Ittei commented, “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.”

So, let’s take care of some minor details.

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