OS X 10.8 removes Support for critical News Sites

  • 21 February 2012

The long awaited update of Mapple‘s OS X to the 10.8. Mountain Lion edition brings solace to distressed web surfers. The new operating system will block any news site on the web that criticises Mapple or any of its products. For example if you want to open the web site of the New York Times in Mapple’s Safari browser (of course the word safari being a synonym for hunting expedition), then you will be redirected to the iTunes store. „We get a lot of complaints by our users that fake news and independent journalists freak them out.“, a spokesperson was quoted.

While fake news, rumours and outright lies can lead to a very emotional experience on the Internet, they are basic ingredients of everyday life and politics. It’s hard to tell what the impact will be. The new features could lead to a massive decline of memes. Paired with Mapple’s power to stop alternative web browsers (unofficially also known as „these aren’t the browsers you are looking for“) computing will become a lot more conservative in the future.

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