Of senseless Terror and how to retain Sanity

  • 24 July 2011

I’ve been loosely connected to the news in the past two days. I only got information about the Oslo bombing and the massacre at the you camp through tweets and occasional peeks at news sites on my mobile phone. After catching up I am none the wiser and send my heartfelt condolences to the victims of the tragedy. It’s hard to comprehend, because the is no sensible reason and no justification for the murders of this madman. I don’t expect a major follow-up during the court hearings.

However I truly admire the reaction of Norway’s politicians. Fabian Stang, the mayor of Oslo, said on Friday: „We must not let fear determine what we do, because then the terrorists have won.“ Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian prime minister, said in his speech: „We must never cease to stand up for our values. We have to show that our open society can pass this test, too, And that the answer to violence is even more democracy, even more humanity, but never naïveté.“ In addition there is no outcry about „killer video games“ or „killer movies“: „Mr O’Connor [the Norwegian Home Affairs Minister] said the government would not be moved to impose further restrictions on games or films following reforms announced in Friday to tighten up access to some violent and explicit games.“ This reaction sets Norway apart from any other Western state.

So I ask you all to work on this open society Mr Stoltenberg was talking about, and not only in Norway.

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