MPAA teaches how to be a pirate

  • 11 May 2009

The Movie Picture Association of America (MPAA) gives you a tutorial on how to pirate video content properly. The Pirate Blog has the news:

The Motion Picture Association of America is not only promoting camcording video, but also teaching how to do it using a video they created. It is very ironic that after spending years fighting camcording it is suggesting it as an alternative to breaking digital locks and encryption on DVDs. It was suggested at a DMCA exemption hearings, conducted by the U.S. Copyright Office, regarding exemptions for teachers and students. The MPAA is arguing that there is no need to make exemptions for breaking DVD encryption so that teachers can use clips in their lessons, because the analog alternative of camcording exists. The MPAA then showed a video clip teaching how to camcord video DVD clips.

MPAA pirate training video

Now that’s something completely different, isn’t it?

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