Heat Waves

  • 3 July 2012

Writing tweets is more suitable for the hellish Summer temperatures that have turned Vienna into some North African Hell (no offence, just describing my hate for the heat). Focusing thoughts for more than 140 characters is next to impossible with a fried brain. A thunderstorm would be nice. A bit of snow and ice, too. Wishful thinking. So let’s write down some rants to bump up the blog’s July counter.

It would really be nice to know about a place where one can flee until the temperature drops below 25°C (for the uninitiated, Summer starts at 20°C and ends at 25°C; Spring is between 19°C and 7°C; Winter starts below -5°C; there really is no compelling reason to ever have temperatures above 25°C unless preparing coffee). Why is it that hospitality in the form of a cool place, not too bright, protected from the sun hasn’t discovered by entrepreneurs? Combine this wonderful refuge with an ample supply of power, Internet and coffee. People (like me) would really pay for it. It would be a welcome change to the abysmal coffee shops with open windows, scorching heat from outside and inside, and noisy people all around (yes, you can bring your child only if it knows how to shut up; and no, your kid is not special, no exemptions).

If graveyards had coffee and power supplies, we’d be halfway there.

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