Google Cr-48 Laptop comes without Delete key!

  • 10 December 2010

Googleplex – The new Google Cr-48 laptop ditches the most unnecessary keys of modern keyboards. It comes without caps-lock, function keys and delete key. Apparently the caps-lock key is of no use to the typical netizen anymore, because spelling is no longer taught in school. Most instant messages, e-mails and CVs can do fine without correct spelling. The function keys are too complicated for most Internet users who only need the „click here” and „fill out your credit card details” functions. The most surprising feature is the lack of the delete keys, however.

„You do not need to delete anything anymore. We just follow the spirit of GMail.”, a namelessdeveloper was quoted. Just like the suggestions provided on the Google search pages, the Cr-48 will quickly parse the data you enter, compare it with your Google’s online profile and automatically select the words you meant to type. This is less error-prone and quicker for the average user. Google will add support for sponsored typos at a later stage. New users can optionally upload their personal psychogram, CV and private data to initialise this feature.

Storing data locally won’t be possible, too. This feature was added by a couple of governments participating in the Google Spy Program. The main idea is to search through user’s files more easily and watch out for potential terrorists, critics, journalists or anyone acting suspiciously. A side effect is that local authorities don’t need to search your home anymore. Of course, you have no access to your data in case you cannot access the Internet, but modern citizens aren’t supposed to log off ever, so that they be tracked efficiently. Make sure you carry you Google account login with you, just as your passport.

The Google Cr-48 is definitely a device that will change your way of life – and enable others to record it.

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