Ghost Town

  • 19 October 2012

Most of us have places where they spent their childhood or just a lot of time. Sometimes these places were called home once, some still are. Usually you have some relatives there, maybe even some friends. And then there comes a time when these places turn into ghost towns. You walk through the streets, you drive by, and you notice that most of the memories you have are tied to something long gone. Friends have moved away. Family members have died (and thus moved away). The house you lived in has been sold. Places have changed. You hardly know anyone you meet. You can’t go where you used to go, either because the place is something else now or it just doesn’t exist any more (even cities redecorate from time to time).

Your choices are limited. You can leave. You can try to get to know your „new home“ (although it is no home since you live somewhere else). You can acknowledge it and accept that your memories have less and less in common with what the place is now. Regardless of what you do, it always has to do with change. So you just have to create new memories and leave the ghosts alone.

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