Frameworks – waste your day

  • 3 August 2009

Everyone has a framework or a toolbox to tackle problems with. In an ideal world this simplifies the task at hand. It helps you focus on the problem. It saves you tedious lines of code and functions everyone has written before. My task is to write a simple web application where you basically edit database tables. It’s nothing fancy. It needs authentication and PostgreSQL support. So I checked out PHP Frameworks and started testing.

The site presents a nice table. You can easily see which one supports which feature. Some are very cool. Others have very nice features. The problem is that I don’t need what they offer. They are too big, too complex. I tried six frameworks  and deleted them again. Half of them had lousy tutorials. Almost all of them lacked an easy to understand  framework for authentication (I have the database design ready, I don’t need authentication libraries that have their own idea of the user account backend). Not a single framework enabled me to hack away and create the first pages of the application quickly.

So I guess it’s back to my own libraries and a template engine again. Smarty and pure PHP5 rock. Too bad.

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