Dive Safari – Day #4

  • 25 September 2009

In your creation heaven did decree
That in your arms sweet death should dwell

Deep Silent Complete
Black velvet sea
The sirens are calling for me

It’s a bit easier to relate to these words after being submerged by several tons of solid salt water. Fascination and curiousity attracts the unsuspecting diver, but the human body wasn’t designed for this environment. Every fish we’ve seen moves with far more grace than we ever could. And fishes cannot drown, such as the four sailors and the five gunners of the SS Thistlegorm.

Today we took a look at steep reef walls. Venturing out a few metres into the deep blue is yet another way of experiencing one’s own status as alien in the underwater world. „You do not belong here.” said the mackerel (well, if fish talk to you underwater, you are well advised to get help and – above all – to surface as safely as possible).

Above all the bloody air-conditioning gave me a slight cold. This almost ruined my last dive today and made me cancel the night dive (again). The Fauna of the Sea doesn’t have these problems.

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