Dive Safari – Day #2

  • 23 September 2009

Blogging from a dive safari boat seemed to be a brilliant idea at first. The theory was slighly modified when I decided to leave Thoth, my „take-away” laptop, behind. This saved some space and reduced my luggage by one bag. Too bad, the boat has plenty of power outlets all over the place (plenty for one laptop that is). The second measure for increasing the overall efficiency of packing my bags involved taking the smaller camera with me. Yes, I don’t photograph under water. And the choice of motifs South of the Sinai is reduced to water, coral reefs from above (being basically a change of colour in the blue range of the visible spectrum), other ships, Ra and rocks on the shore (this includes buildings, mountains and hills). That’s about it.

So I am doing this blog entry (and some to follow) in a very old-fashioned way: I am writing it into a small notebook (the original paper one without the fancy stuff and the precious raw materials in it, could be basically refined elephant crap) with a pen and green ink. Imagine this – the world knows about blogging for hundreds of years, even Mark Twain did it. Yet the people had to reinvent the process and give it a new name. That’s pathetic.

Forgive me for publishing my thoughts days after recording them. At least I don’t give a tweet about it.

Right now we’re at anchor next to Sha’ab Mahmud. We already did three dives today. Just a minute ago the last group went in for a night dive. Apparently I skipped the night dive. I prefer to have another night of sleep before I can manage four dives a day. We had a bit of a current during the last dive and my fins weren’t up to the job (hey, it’s a theory to start with).

But I am happy. Today we visited the wreck of the Dunraven. It’s a very old wreck, it sank more than 120 years ago. Last time I only entered its structure at the middle, diving through the remains of the engine room. You can also enter at the aft section (this being the stern) and take a look inside there. Having a guide is good. Tomorrow we’ll pay the SS Thistlegorm a visit. That’s why I skipped the night dive, I don’t want to miss out on the Thistlegorm.

Coffee’s gone cold. More later.

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