• 13 July 2012

I use LaTeX for over 20 years now. I have no need for crappy office software. I skipped Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Open Office and everything similar. However everything has its limits. I am trying to write a document that requires a couple of exotic language fragments (actually it’s only a collection of examples for homograph attacks). So the main text is German, then there’s some Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and possibly Korean. This means using Unicode text, which is no problem. Up until now I used LaTeX and the beamer class template. Due to better Unicode handling I switched to XeLaTeX, which required to rearrange my \usepackage statements. German, Arabic and Hebrew co-exist now. Now I am trying to get Chinese text displayed correctly. When using LaTeX I did this by means of the CJK package (but only with a Japanese word). Worked fine. Now I am using xeCJK which is basically the same, and I’m getting blanks instead of Chinese characters. I am half-way through the fonts on my system, still trying to find a nice combination.

It’s probably easier to include homograph attacks in Tengwar. Illustrating the ancient spear phishing attacks  of Middle Earth, now there’s an interesting topic.

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