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Satirical News Sites

  • Posted on December 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Ever since discovering the Segfault web site my bookmarks have a special folder for recreational news and stories. Writing good satirical texts has become increasingly difficult, because reality is catching up fast. Just follow the achievements of the Republican candidates (Addicting Info is one source to follow, albeit a little biased). After a few articles you cannot tell the difference between reports from reality and articles or video from The Onion or the Landover Baptist Church. The US Republican Party has a great future in comedy (even though they might invade the countries of the audience for no reason). Severe detachment from reality is a prime skill in politics these days.

German speaking web surfers might know about the infamous Titanic Magazin or Der Postillon.

Satirical news predates the Internet by hundreds of years. Le Canard enchaîné exists since 1915. Historians have traced satirical works back to Ancient Egypt. It’s a tragedy that this art form might get you killed or arrested thousands of years after the first works were published. Even the Arabic world knows about satire. Maybe the extremists will remember and honour this pattern of literature in the future.
Meanwhile I will refresh my satirical news bookmark folder with the help of, some coffee and a bit of reading.

Silent Night

  • Posted on December 25, 2011 at 9:15 pm

People have been talking about the decline and uselessness of e-mail for years. What a waste of time. Just try using office hours for your e-mail servers. Maybe evolution has not yet engineered our minds for 24×7 message processing. So enjoy your Silent Nights in between the years. And please read blog postings in 2012 again.

TomTon to include Ambush Warning in latest Updates

  • Posted on December 19, 2011 at 12:47 am

Amsterdam. – TomTon, producer of sat-nav systems, has been hit by decreasing sales and is restructuring its workforce. The company announced to have some new products in the pipeline which will be put on the market in 2012. Journalists have been supplied by prototypes enabling a sneak preview of features to come.

Following the footsteps of many other companies the new map updates target the military market. Users of the new maps will now have the option of subscribing to ambush warnings. The information will be presented just like the traffic warnings customers are already used to. Currently TomTon’s R&D department works on live updates. The ambush data is provided by terrorist groups who sell their schedule of ambushes. The payment is in turn provided by the customers using the subscriptions. The innovative technology is hailed to make both supply lines and terrorism safer. ISAF has expressed great interest in the sat-nav devices and the new subscriptions. This could be good news for tourists travelling through remote and dangerous areas, too.

The new product would give sat-navs an edge over mobile phones equipped with map software and route planners. Mobile phones have been subjected to network failures in some countries recently.

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