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Ruby on Rails – continued madness

  • Posted on January 16, 2011 at 4:41 pm

I am still at odds with Ruby and Rails, but I know now why the stupid gems are not available as Debian packages. The Ruby people insist on using their Gem as package manager. Debian has already a very capable package manager. Having two package manager is a bad idea. Other programs seem to manage well. Take Perl for examle. Perl has CPAN, but you can build a Debian package out of any module found on CPAN. It remains a mystery why the Ruby Gems refuse to work this way.
It seems fair to warn everyone intending to use Ruby: „Please install this crap from source and forget about your distribution’s package manager!”

Speaking of gems, here’s another one. I have recreated the production environment in order to simulate the intended upgrade path. I have installed Rails 3.0.3 instead of the Rails 2.1.2 package on the production environment. I just want to try what happens. After changing the version number in the environment.rb file of the application I get the no such file to load — initializer error message. Great, a file or some files are missing, but no mentioning of the missing files. Checking the logs reveils that the Rails 2.1.2 gem is missing. Good thing we’re back to the „you’ve got to have multiple versions of the same gem installed, just to feel good about it” mindset. I am a fool to assume that high level languages are designed to protect sysadmins and developers from the peculiarities of specific versions of the components involved.

Update: Ok, finally I found the strategy I wanted to avoid. Remove all Ruby Debian packages, get the Ruby Enterprise Edition (which is basically a fork of Ruby in order to incorporate sanity) and install it. Kudos to Debian for not letting this crap on board, kudos to the REE developers for delivering this solutions, and a heartfelt and sincere fuck you to Ruby!